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Your Word of Mouth PlatformTM

ProNear is a service marketplace where skilled professionals can get hired for their services by new customers around them.

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Why ProNear?


Marketing tools = more customers

Email, SMS and Social Media Marketing can be extremely difficult to run full scale marketing campaigns. We give you these tools directly on your phone and make it a 5 minute setup to start sending mass campaigns to current and new customers.


Getting paid over app = guaranteed payments.

Never worry if you are going to get paid or not. Customers you pay directly over the app at your pre-agreed upon price.The payments transfers directly to your bank accounts in just few days. It's as easy as that.


Online Store Front = Analytics & Complete Control

Your personal online store front comes with analytics so you know exactly how much traffic your store is producing and how you can improve. Control your store hours, where you provide your service and who you provide it to.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does ProNear do?

ProNear engages in the Dissemination of advertising for others via an on-line communications network on the internet; General business networking referral services, namely, promoting the goods and services of others by passing business leads and referrals among group members; Providing a searchable website featuring the goods and services of other vendors; Providing a searchable on-line advertising website and guide featuring the goods and services of other vendors via the Internet.

When and where are you launching?

Launching August 2019 in Los Angeles, CA. But, you can sign up early and you may get exclusive first access.

What kind of pros do best on ProNear?

ProNear is built for all professionals who provide quality services.

Why do I need this app?

Setting up your own website and online marketing tools costs huge amount of time and money. With our free platform, you can get complete online store and customer relationship management and marketing without headache. Which lets you focus on getting paid for your skills

Why is ProNear a better platform for Professionals?

ProNear has a much more Pro friendly business approach. As a Professional who provides a service, there is no cost to setting up your Store, you only incur a nominal fee when you actually get paid by your customer.
Rather than getting charged for every lead that you interact with.

How quickly can I set up a store on ProNear?

A ProNear store can be set up in minutes, once approved you can start promoting your service.

What are the fees like?

A nominal fee that only occurs when you get paid - our fee is only 10%.

Can I use this with my current clients?

Yes! ProNear makes it easier for your current clients to hire, refer, and review you with just a few clicks - which ultimately grows your business.

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